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Subject:  Re: What annoys the Left more? Date:  10/13/2012  4:20 PM
Author:  2828 Number:  648647 of 876054

You know what annoys me? Wall Street investment bankers who produce no tangible service or product, yet make millions of dollars in bonuses.
Why do you care? What does AA say about jealousy?
You know what annoys me? Denying the conclusions of hard working scientists because they don't agree with your goals or beliefs.
Are you referring to the hide the decline people and the scientists acting as a gatekeeper to prevent skeptical research into research journals? What does AA say about lying?

Research shows charter schools outperform public schools, are you in favor of charter schools, and if so how do you feel about Obama ending the DC voucher program? What does AA say about leaving children in failing schools in order to get the teachers union vote?
You know what annoys me? Bullies.

You know annoys me the most? Fox News.
So you want people to be shoehorned into only watching liberal-spun news. Kind of bullying if you ask me. Why would you deny someone who wants to watch Fox News just because you don't like it? Couldn't you just change the channel?
You know what annoys me? Religious people who try to impose their values on others.
Point taken, how do you feel about Obama imposing his values on religious institutions?

How do you feel about banning sodas over 16 ounces?
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