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Subject:  Re: What annoys the Left more? Date:  10/13/2012  7:37 PM
Author:  paralwaysgood Number:  648678 of 876033

This is great. I'm not done. It's my list; tear it apart if you wish. I'm going to throw it all out there, then go do something else.

You know what annoys me?

1. A person who eats, drinks, or drugs their way into permanent disability. Show some responsibility, and when you're 150 pounds overweight because you didn't care, don't go crying for help. I've seen it happen up pretty close.

2. People who think reducing tax rates from the current numbers will increase revenues and reduce deficits.

3. Corporations getting tax breaks via expensive lobbying, and paying lower effective tax rates than small businesses. There has to be a change where small businesses can compete better with these monstrous corporations. (Note: This does not help me, as I am invested primarily in the big guys.)

4. The Republican candidates saying they will get tough on government spending. I'm sorry, you have no credibility. You had eight years under George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan, and great the budget significantly each time. Republicans talk tough during the campaign, then fail to act. You know why? Any President and Congress who truly gets tough with spending will cause a (worse) depression.

5. The jobs meme, as if the government has grand control over job creation. If you ask me, the only way government creates more jobs is to hire and pay people. I'm disappointed with the Obama administration, because I would have liked to see a stimulus program of $1-2T, solely devoted to national infrastructure: roads, bridges, railways, wind and solar power, and electrical grid. But he got no cooperation whatsoever from Congress. Once again, I think this "I know how to create jobs better" line is dumb.

6. The lack of acknowledgement of global warming and diminishing world natural resources. That may annoy me more than Fox News. Tough call.

That's all I can think of for now. JediGALT asked me the other day to say what I felt, so I'm letting it fly.
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