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Subject:  Re: What annoys the Left more? Date:  10/13/2012  9:35 PM
Author:  JediGALT Number:  648693 of 838464

Hi Para....

I'm glad you're around. You do it right, you're fun to discuss stuff with. And you do it without the personal venom, that certain Liberal Bay Area Jihadist Racist come here and do, lol. (Let them know that California and Europe deserve what they get, lol)

:OK....1. A person who eats, drinks, or drugs their way into permanent disability. Show some responsibility, and when you're 150 pounds overweight because you didn't care, don't go crying for help. I've seen it happen up pretty close"

I'm ALSO all for personal responsibility. But where it comes to soda, or school lunches, sorry, I have NO RIGHT to tell you or your kids how to live. You may however want to chat with Leftists who love to peddle the "it's only pot" theme. Also, you may want to ask yourself if the march AWAY from the traditional nuclear family has helped obesity and drugs or crime, or hurt. Maybe, just maybe we can have a national chat on CULTURE, without Leftists screaming "you christian jerk!!!" Oh, and if you are ready to tell the Left to stuff it on that score, I'm willing to tell corporate America and Corporate Media that they also bear responsibility too.

"2. People who think reducing tax rates from the current numbers will increase revenues and reduce deficits."

Well, there's good people on both sides of the issue. I hate absolutism on this one. One side REFUSES to admit that tax hikes are needed. But the other side oooooozes contempt for those with lots of money and they cite the crooks and the Paris Hilton's as their evidencia. That's like citing Mohammed Atta as the sole example of Islam.

Para, as annoyed as you are with the tax hawks, I'm annoyed by those who REFUSE to admit that many times, letting people keep more of the rewards of their labor or risk, encourages them to work and risk more. And rising tides lift all boats.

In reality, if you are willing to FREEZE spending levels across the board and go back to Clinton era spending levels, you've got a willing partner in me to reverse Bush tax cuts, and go back to Clintonian rates. Why? Because we gotta make a deal that's why. And making deals means we can't have it all.

"3. Corporations getting tax breaks via expensive lobbying, and paying lower effective tax rates than small businesses. There has to be a change where small businesses can compete better with these monstrous corporations. (Note: This does not help me, as I am invested primarily in the big guys.)"

As someone who has stood AGAINST "trade deals" that give corporations power to ship industries to the 3rd world, and as a Conservative who has REPEATEDLY h