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Subject:  Re: Made My Own Greek Yogurt Date:  10/14/2012  4:50 AM
Author:  NailThatJello Number:  29925 of 32249

Made another batch of Greek ice yogurt, used frozen cherries this time plus a dash of vanilla. Taste was great.

The yogurt I used was different - I bought something called "cream yogurt Greek style" which was half the price of true Greek yogurt. It has a blander taste, less tart, but the taste of the cherries dominates anyway so that's OK. Cream yogurt has 10% fat and only cream and yogurt as ingredients so is still low carb friendly.

Still my objective is to do it from scratch myself which will still be 50% cheaper even than with cream yogurt. Even that savings isn't much in the grand scheme of things, one euro saved per liter of yogurt. It's more the fun of doing it myself and having control over the ingredients.

One thing about ice yogurt made this way - when stored in the freezer, it gets too hard and seems dry. But letting it thaw restores it, it becomes just like partially melted ice cream. Delicious. The instruction book with the ice maker warned about this, so its nothing to do with low carb or the sugarless sweetener. I guess commercial ice cream must have some gummy gunk added to it to prevent this problem. I'm glad to avoid gummy gunk.

These cherries were historic - came off my own tree two years ago - yes frozen that long because I always feared the carbs in cherries eaten as-is. Diluted in ice cream, that is less of an issue. Alas, the tree is now dead and gone, victim of some kind of fungus. Sweetest cherries on the block, they were. Neglected trees (as this was) usually produce the best fruit. My apple tree confirms that (will harvest this week, make juice from that I won't do more than taste). Stress creates flavor.

Stones were removed before freezing with a little manual stone remover gizmo - doesn't get them all so have to be careful eating this ice cream - not a problem really because I don't chew ice cream.
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