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Subject:  Re: What annoys the Left more? Date:  10/14/2012  9:31 AM
Author:  twopairfullhouse Number:  648721 of 835396

It is really hard to imagine the mind-set that would motivate someone to write such a negative, nasty, malicious, mendacious screed.
You are beneath contempt.

Really? Who's the jackwagon that wrote these, again?

Get the teabaggers off your face and see the reality of things.

That is a lie.

You know it is a lie.

Or if you don't....what does that say about you?
(This one was particularly funny, because it's now clear that the Administration had video evidence that it wasn't a 'spontaneous uprising', so, yes, they did lie. Your accusation that I lied is, of course, what desperate people do when the facts are against them.)

But, then, maybe the anti-Christ is running the GOP.
Petty, juvenile, anyone?