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Subject:  Hope And Change Date:  10/14/2012  11:49 AM
Author:  CVSUSN Number:  107515 of 164814

Here's hoping this comes true because it gives us supportable, rational change:

There is no love lost between Obama and the Clintons, and they could mutually destroy their political futures in the days ahead. Team Obama could destroy Hillary Clinton's 2016 prospects by scapegoating her for the Libya attacks. But Hillary Clinton, by potentially resigning or pointing to evidence that implicates Obama and Biden, can just as easily torpedo Obama's chances at getting reelected.

Mutually assured destruction. A pipe dream? Too much reliance on hope?

This story isn't going away. It is goo. Every time they try to rid themselves of it, the goo sticks somewhere else. Funny. It always sticks to the administration. Specifically, the White House and DoS. Trying to blame the intel community isn't going to work.

The following is only an educated guess on how the emergency communications process works from the ground up. There is no blame here but within the White House and DoS.

DoS Ops center receives a direct call from the consulate. With the ambassador there, the embassy in Tripoli would be bypassed. The line would be kept open. Land line? Cell phone? Radio? Encryption or open line? The Ops center will make at least two or three calls. NSC staff, DoD Ops, and Hillary. Hillary will call Pannetta and Tom Donlan, the National Security Adviser. One of the three, probably Hillary or Donlan, would then call President Obama. One of the first topics at hand would be intelligence. The focus would be on tactical intel. What's the threat? Capabilities? Host nation support? Nearest DoD/CIA assets? They'll discuss the tyranny of time and distance getting adequate assistance in time remaining.

It's after the initial attack concluded that the strategic questions will be asked of intel, "Who? Why?" But the intel would be shared across the board. All would be in the know. If the video was claimed as the reason for the attack by intel, they'll discover who rather quickly. It's quite certain, it wasn't the folks on the ground nor was it within DoS if one is to believe spokesmen. Was it an analyst? What was the basis? Did it mesh with what was occurring on the ground? What was reported? Sounds like intel was pretty pi$$ed at comments coming from the administration.

If DoS professionals and the intel community are not involved, I'd say the goo primarily sticks to Obama, Hillary, and Donlan. Watch closely, folks. It's going to get reaaaaal interesting.
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