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Subject:  Re: Swiss Government & Homeopathic Medicine Date:  10/14/2012  5:07 PM
Author:  sheila727 Number:  3847 of 4469

Errr...look at the source of the article here.... Dana Ullman an evidence based homeopath. Someone's really joking with you now.

Joking? No. I think the problem is you not taking serious information seriously. First, this isn't an article on homeopathic medicine. It's the review of a lengthy, impressively comprehensive evaluative report carried out and published by an appropriate part of the Swiss government. And the fact that the reviewer is an evidence-based practitioner speaks to her understanding of good research, the need for genuine evidence, etc.

This is borne out by some of her early comments, which also emphasize the quality of the report she's reviewing (I've bolded some meaningful phrases):

"Not only did this report carefully and comprehensively review the body of evidence from randomized double-blind and placebo controlled clinical trials testing homeopathic medicines, they also evaluated the "real world effectiveness" as well as safety and cost-effectiveness. The report also conducted a highly-comprehensive review of the wide body of preclinical research (fundamental physio-chemical research, botanical studies, animal studies, and in vitro studies with human cells).

And still further, this report evaluated systematic reviews and meta-analyses, outcome studies, and epidemiological research. This wide review carefully evaluated the studies conducted, both in terms of quality of design and execution (called "internal validity") and how appropriate each was for the way that homeopathy is commonly practiced (called "external validity")."

Second--although the principles that are said to underlie homeopathic treatment do sound pretty incredible, I know exceptionally competent physicians who are spectacular clinicials and med school teachers who have gone on to add homeopathic training to their skills/tools. They agree that it sounds ridiculous and incredible, but they all say -- they've seen it work too many times to continue doubting it.

I also have a cousin (well, wife of my cousin) who is specifically a pediatric homeopath. And I have seen what she has been able to do with infants and children with really serious health conditions that have defied conventional physicians.

Years ago, I had come across a well done study documenting the effectiveness of homeopathic treatment for children's ear infections, as effective or more so than antibiotics, and without side effects.

I keep two homeopathic ointments in my medicine cabinet for soft tissue injuries, charley horse, bruising. Boy, do they work to reduce inflammation, swelling, pain, minimize or eliminate bruising, and speed healing. One is Traumeel, the other is Topricin.

If you want to sneer at homeopathy and call it a joke, you're certainly entitled to. The loss is yours.

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