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Subject:  Re: What annoys the Left more? Date:  10/15/2012  11:00 AM
Author:  decath Number:  648901 of 795045

If federal law on abortion seems too, what, dictatorial? how is state law better--closer to the people affected? Then why not county law, it's much closer, or how about each city/town/village having its own abortion law? Keep going smaller and closer to the individual until you get there. Let each individual decide for herself, hopefully in consultation with her partner, doctor, and whoever else's opinion she values (parent, clergy, best friend, prayer).

Perhaps someone else made this point later in the thread, but this is as far as I've gotten.

I think the state level is about the right balance. It's an issue of crime/punishment which historically was intended to be handled at the state level by our founding fathers.

At least you can move to another state if you find that a particular law is morally pugnant.

The bottom line