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Subject:  Re: What annoys the Left more? Date:  10/15/2012  12:04 PM
Author:  TheDope1 Number:  648918 of 875708

Been wanting to tear into this post:

You know what annoys me? Wall Street investment bankers who produce no tangible service or product, yet make millions of dollars in bonuses. There are a lot of rich folks who are parasites, sapping the country of our strength.

Interesting. I'm guessing you don't know a whole lot about how the markets work, or investing, or trading, or any of that stuff. Kinda ironic for an investment website, huh? We may actually agree on the size of bonuses and what not, but to say that financial services, M&A and other biz related activities produce no tangible services is staggeringly ignorant.

You know what annoys me? Religious people who try to impose their values on others.

LOL. Guess what? They have the right to do so. You have the right to tell them you're not interested. But to a lot of folks on your side of the aisle, that's not good enough.

You know what annoys me? Denying the conclusions of hard working scientists because they don't agree with your goals or beliefs.

Riiiight. Global warming again. I don't suppose you know what the phrase "hide the decline" means, do you?

You know what annoys me? Supporting exclusionary policies that benefit yourself at the expense of others.

Yep. The UAW should sell GM at a deep discount to the bondholders who were screwed over by Obama. Oh, wait! That's not what you meant, right?

You know what annoys me? Bullies.

Me, too. Most bullies are complete wimps deep down. The kinds of guy who grabs a microphone and calls out somebody in an audience when the other guy has no chance to respond. Or uses his office to intimidate folks into silence.

Oh, sorry - you probably like that stuff too.

You know annoys me the most? Fox News.

Of course it does. It exists outside of your worldview, and why would you want to be troubled by actual thinking? Much better and more comfortable never to be exposed to the other side.
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