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Stocks F / Ford Motor Company


Subject:  Popularity Dividends Date:  10/15/2012  1:53 PM
Author:  BFatConservative Number:  17210 of 18388

The most repeated facet of the financial crisis subcategory: Automobiles is that Ford Motor leveraged life and limb to remain independent, including from the likes of Uncle Sammy and Obamacar (i.e. auto bail out... get it?).

With that said, Ford was able to stay away from such terms of non-endurement such as governmental motors, or get outright bought out by Fiat in Chrysler's case. We all knew that the ardent George Straight fans out there that live in the far south were huge fans of that, but until now I hadn't seen it quantified - and didn't know it extended to most of the US population:



My gut tells me that this is one of the most favorable ratings (78%) of any US publicly traded company. Obviously this doesn't translate into a higher stock price, but something to consider with all the issue they have had one with their complex MyFord Touch System.

The most surprising thought is this: their favorable rating continues to go up since the last time the american population was surveyed (75%) and even higher than before that (73% Sept 2011)... which leads me to believe they are STILL doing something right.

Everything in my valuation models tells me a $10 F stock price is still one of the more exciting plays in my 20 stock portfolio. All the normal disclaimers, do your own research, it's investing, it carries risks,etc.

D: Unapologetically long Ford with a basis of $9.25.
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