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Subject:  Re: What annoys the Left more? Date:  10/15/2012  7:14 PM
Author:  Frydaze1 Number:  648987 of 876448

Frydaze1 wrote: Truth be told, very few people are as fanatical as they come off. But most of us (and you've just proven the point) will dig in our heels when we think the other side is pushing too hard, and fight extra hard for the opposing view.

Nope. FeedMeCrap says he's "proud to be an abortion lover."

You call him names *and* intentionally misquote him. I think you just lost any moral high ground of being more rational and level headed.

And when I say that very few people are as fanatical as they come off, and you respond with one statement you see as fanatical, what exactly is your point? That because he made a what you think is a fanatical statement, he and everyone else really is a fanatic? Do you really generalize that much? Because you met someone who doesn't like iced tea, it means that no one likes iced tea? If someone called you names, everyone must be an azzhole? Since I'm in my 40's, everyone on AF is in their 40's?

I realize you've got a strong opinion about abortion. But you really *do* come off as a fanatic right here. You've lost your perspective entirely.

Frydaze1 <--- proud to support abortion rights (which is the same message as FMNH's, but phrased differently)
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