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Subject:  Re: He Lost 95% of His "Friends" Date:  10/16/2012  7:06 PM
Author:  AngelMay Number:  183679 of 199080


What if he was just a homosexual.



It is not a sin to be a homosexual.

Sexual immorality is a sin. Adultery is a sin. Jesus instructed us that looking at another to lust after them is the same as adultery.

So the question for me is whether someone can be homosexual and not sexually immoral? Are they married? Maybe I do not know? I do believe that God is able to make it clear to those who that is an issue for.

I know this, I have no more issue with gay marriage than I have with divorce and remarriage.

There is so much sexual immorality and promiscuity in this country, so much divorce and remarriage, so much pornography, strip clubs that I do not give gay marriage a lot of thought. I struggle with not sinning as a heterosexual. I am much more concerned about overcoming the sins in my life that categorizing things that I am not struggling with.

You know what, lhaselden? I think I really like you. :)
(Sorry it took so long for my answer but I've been away from my computer most of the day.)

But during the day today I was thinking about these posts and wondering what you would answer to my question. And the thing is... I kept thinking that we agree, probably, on much more than we disagree about. At least I think so based on the little I know about you so far.

While I don't believe that lying is a "sin", I do believe it is extremely bad manners and is ultimately a very wrong and disrespectful thing to do. Stealing is just as bad if not worse. Cheating, same-same. I try never to do any of those things. I agree with you about pornography, strip clubs, and other sleazy pastimes. These do not make for a decent, healthy environment.

I think a lifetime is a very long time, however, to be married to just one person. It's great when it works. But often people grow apart and become absolutely miserable together. So I have no problem with divorce. I have been divorced and I'm still a pretty good person.

Having said what I just said about pornography, etc., I do have to make it crystal clear that I'm not for censorship. I do not believe in book-burning or in book-banning. I believe that adults should be able to decide for themselves what they read.

I've been to Las Vegas at least twice and I very much enjoyed playing roulette and the slots. I enjoy a drink once in a while. But I'm neither a gambling addict nor a drunk. But ... a little of what you fancy does you good - or so it AngelSpouse says (via Jethro Tull). Of course if you fancy stealing from or killing people, I have to take issue with that. :)

I'd love to see society return to a kinder and gentler time. But I might be accused of wishing for the "good old days" that weren't really all that good if you make note of the bad along with the good from back then.

Human beings can be extremely cruel to each other. We tend to judge others and basically stick our noses into other people's business - where they do not belong. If we would tend to our own business and try to live good lives ourselves, we just might find things would improve enormously.

So I think we probably agree on a lot of things (even though religion is not one of them). And even though I would like to see a more decent society - I do not believe you can legislate such things and I object very much when some political factions try to do just that.

If we put our own houses in order, we won't have time to worry about what our neighbors are doing.

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