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Subject:  Re: WSJ: $10K College Degree Date:  10/17/2012  12:17 AM
Author:  BlueGrits Number:  868218 of 902425

If a $100K university professor teaches 6-3 semester hr courses per year with an average attendance of 100 students each, the cost per credit hour is $55.

Try about $80K -- and teaching at least 8 courses a semester (as well as advising, developing new courses, etc.).

No matter how college educators feel (and I'm among them), things are changing...big time.

More and more students are taking advantage of online courses, junior colleges, CLEP, etc. to knock out quick credits on the cheap before going on to a university to complete degrees. A couple of Austin universities (public & private) have programs set up specifically to make the transition from the juco to them easy as pie. At least one has a "reverse" program where university credits can be applied towards the juco program so you can an Associates's degree on the way to a BA/BA.

Universities now have to pivot.

In talking to the Dean of one school, I suggested they offer a course like "Condensed CLEP Prep" where, over the course of a semester, they prep students for several CLEP courses. The class itself would earn no college credit, but the school would still charge (just as it charges for professional education courses). No interest from the Dean. *sigh*

I think the future will be universities with jr/sr level and grad students. Fewer full-time faculty and probably less research -- unless the research beings in enough money to break even or more.
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