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Subject:  Re: He Lost 95% of His "Friends" Date:  10/17/2012  10:15 AM
Author:  lhaselden Number:  183685 of 199099

Why would you want to limit divorce?
Think about living with someone that you simply cannot stand.
Think about the lies that were told in order to end marriages that were simply intolerable even though there was no adultery - back when, as you say, adultery was the only way out.
I was making a point that DOMA had little to do with biblical teaching, it was about bigotry and political expediency.

Why does marriage need defending in the first place by our government?
Marriage is a very personal relationship between the parties involved. The government, the community, the family of the people involved should have absolutely nothing to say about it at all.
I consider what our governments at all levels call marriage has little to do with biblical teachings on marriage.
I think the RCC does not consider a civil ceremony to be an actual marriage but I may be incorrect? I think an RCC priest will sometimes do a blessing on a couple where only one member is RCC but not the marriage ceremony.
I suggested on this board months ago that the goal should be to drop 'marriage' from our laws and replace it with 'civil unions' but no one here seemed to like that idea.

Under the conditions you have named, I would never marry - no matter how much I loved the other person. I simply do not want anyone - ever - with that much power to restrict my life and cause me misery. The abuse that comes with that kind of power is just too frightening.
As I pointed out to you previously you're in excellent company, the Apostles agreed with you.
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