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Subject:  Re: Romney on college tuition Date:  10/17/2012  12:34 PM
Author:  Colovion Number:  649254 of 795289

College would be more affordable if these grants and free tuition deals were eliminated. These politicians do not appear to grasp this fact. Provide grants and free tuition and the colleges simply ratchet up their tuition amounts. This is a distortion of the free market and is a no-brainer.

Only a liberal could believe that dumping billions of dollars of federal money into the college education market would make it CHEAPER. Uh, no morons! They'll take every dime you give them and demand more, more, more! All it does is artifically inflate the cost.

Look at my Alma Mater, UofM. Is there any reason in-state tuition should be in the $10,000 range per year while out-of-state is over $50,000? No way the average Michigan family is paying $40,000 in taxes per year just to UofM. But does anyone actually pay $50,000 per year out-of-pocket to go to UofM? Very few, the rest get s