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Subject:  Re: Poll: Should andrew become a Baron of Sealan Date:  10/17/2012  5:50 PM
Author:  andrew61 Number:  649363 of 837904

Why not become a Baron, it's cheap. Heck, I may become a Baroness. Then I can say I was also Cherokee and get bennies and then get one of those online diplomas to be a preacher...only those with a credit card need apply.

Seriously, go for it, if it makes you happy. :) If you do, then all of us will bow down in your presense.

Baron Andrew....sounds good.


I see this opportunity as being a bit different from getting a fake degree or some such. If that were the case, I wouldn't bother. However, I have reason to believe this is the real deal.

A monarch (in this case, Prince Michael of the Principality of Sealand, the late Prince Roy's heir) has the prerogative to bestow titles of nobility on people at his or her sole discretion, for whatever reason he/she wishes