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Subject:  Re: Poll: Should andrew become a Baron of Sealan Date:  10/17/2012  6:05 PM
Author:  andrew61 Number:  649367 of 876437

Why bother buying anything? What's to stop you from calling yourself whatever you want now? It's not like you're going to be arrested? Just start telling everyone you're a prince, or Duke, or Baron, or whatever the hell you want to be?

King Arthur

But I don't want to do that. If I start calling myself a European Baron, I have to be able to back it up with something real. Anyone can make stuff up. If one goes around calling oneself a king or a duke, or a baron, or whatever, and there's nothing real behind it, then other people will consider that person pretentious, or worse, not "all there".

I do actually know someone who did fashion himself a Baron of Bohemia and Moravia, and it wasn't for real, and he in fact did get arrested, although not for that reason. He got arrested for embezzling $500K from the bank where he worked. He used the money to live a baronial jet-set lifestyle (first-class trips to Europe on the Concord, etc.), donate to the Monarchist Leagues of Canada and Australia, and he even donated $20K to Queen Elizabeth (as if she needed the money)... all things he couldn't very well do on his rather modest $25K annual income. He was sentenced to 18 months in prison back in 1999 after he was caught and tried. The judge went lenient on the sentencing after it came out at the trial that the guy suffered delusions due to mental illness. The lenient sentence was conditional upon his being placed under psychiatric care for his problems.

This was someone I had sort of a relationship with for a few months during the summer of 1981, when we were both very young. I recall that he had a rather obsessive interest with the British Royal Family, and he told me he had gone to school with Prince Andrew (and was compared unfavorably to the Prince by their teachers because he couldn't throw a ball). I so much wanted this tale to be true, but it turned out he merely went to St. Edward's, a Catholic high school in Lakewood, Ohio that was only about a mile away from where I lived when I lived in that suburban town.

But being with him those few months, he got me interested in European royalty and nobility, and hence my own dream was born. I now have the chance to live the dream he had and have it be for real.
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