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Subject:  Re: He Lost 95% of His "Friends" Date:  10/18/2012  10:02 AM
Author:  NigelGlitter Number:  183709 of 199080

Possible theory, however many will tell you that our species is not well adapted to marriage, evidence seems to point to a lack of that particular adaptation.

And many people offer opinions from ignorance, rather than from study. Theories are developed from observable data. An easy place to observe archaic human mating patterns is in aboriginal tribes, which live all over the globe and developed their social habits independent from each other. They generally pay a bride price, and generally only have offspring with one partner. Not being subjected to the prudish mores established by almost all western religion, it is not frowned upon for the partners to have sex with others, particularly when they are separated due to hunting. So, it would certainly appear normal to bear offspring with only one mate, live an entire life with one primary partner, but be able to have casual sex with whoever may be available at any given time. The fact that western society has such a high incidence of divorce, and extra marital affairs are far from uncommon, I would suggest that whoever wrote the bible didn't understand God too well. If he created us, he gave us these traits.

A million years ago, a massive ice age sent cold weather and glaciers all the way into Africa. Chimps and early humans lived north of the Congo river, which due to volume of flow and width creates a very formidable barrier to crossing, and saw their environment change from bountiful to severe. We both have fairly aggressive dispositions, and are quite capable of killing our own, necessary for survival when food is scarce. South of the river, there was little change. Bonobo chimps followed an entirely different evolutionary pathway, continuing to be shaped by an environment plentiful in food. They are non-aggressive, and enjoy multiple partners without incident. If we'd been south of the river, rather than north, I doubt we'd have the same mores and social structures we have today.

My theory is that marriage was instituted by God. I am not aware that HE gave us HIS reasons...

And that, my friend, is the great divide. When faced with no reason, many of us search for one beyond, "HE did it." As time and history has shown, there is, in fact, a reason and a how for everything.
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