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Subject:  Re: Possibly poking a hornets' nest Date:  10/18/2012  10:34 AM
Author:  tconi Number:  14996 of 16105

there is s huge difference between learning to ride at 7 and learning to ride at 1-2.
In most of eh US, when kids ride it is a recreational activity - after school/weekends
In NL, it IS transportation. there are very few school buses - kids ride 3-5 miles to school at age 10 without a second thught.
Most people - even up through their 80s ride their bike to the grocery store...

In he US, yeah- kids ride, but at 16, when they can drive - many of them never get on a bike again.*
Here they are 18 before the car is even an option, and getting a license is about $2k, so many wait until later. and gas is close to $8/gallon...

But a huge part of it is also that everyone here knows the expectations -
There is no surprise when 2 vehicles (motorised or not) encounter each other at an intersection- the bicyclists always do the same thing. Everyone know who has he right of way in any given situation.
In the US, probably any given set of ten bicyclists/motorists would make different decsions in right-of-way scenarios.

peace & reasons

*personal anecdata - I have had the same bike for 20 years, and ride occasionally when in the US. I ride every day in NL.
My older son (22) has not been on a bicycle since he was 11 i think
My 12 year old (because of the street on which we live) has never learned...
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