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Subject:  Re: Possibly poking a hornets' nest Date:  10/18/2012  12:20 PM
Author:  psuasskicker6 Number:  14997 of 16084

See, I just don't get why that matters. I understand that the rate of accidents (# accidents per minute riding) goes down. But this is like arguing that it would be okay not to wear a seatbelt just because there aren't too many cars on the road in your country. Will you probably come away from the ride accident free? Yes. Is it smart not to wear safety gear that could save your life and/or preserve your quality of life? Um, no.

Wearing a helmet used to be a stigma in this country too. When I learned to ride, no one rode with helmets. It wasn't cool, so no one did it. Now, I don't let my kids on a bike without a helmet, and no one makes fun of them. I still see kids riding without helmets, but the stigma is far different these less than half the people that see those kids without a helmet think "That's just stupid," as opposed to back in my day, when almost everyone would see the kid with a helmet and think "What a dork."

Social acceptance can change. It's a horrendously weak and flawed argument to say we shouldn't do something simply because it's not socially accepted.

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