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Subject:  Re: He Lost 95% of His "Friends" Date:  10/18/2012  2:14 PM
Author:  bdhinton Number:  183723 of 198970

All study of modern aboriginal tribes tells you is what modern aboriginal tribes are like. You can't know what mating patterns were like 50,000-100,000 years ago from that.
Aboriginal tribes are hunter gatherers. No reason to assume they are different if they are not influenced by modern social behavior.

So how would you test your hypothesis that they didn't change? Sounds like an untestable assumption to me.

But we can't go back in time, so why bother to think, right?

No need to get all in a huff. I'm asking questions, isn't that part of the scientific process? Or do you think we just need to swallow everything fed to us by you?

Why bother with anthropology, archeology, evolutionary biology, and sociology

I'm challenging your assumptions, you'd think science could withstand a little scrutiny.

So, show me an example of a society that lives without divorce and affairs outside of marriage. Since it's god's will, it should be easy to provide examples.

The one doesn't follow from the other, unless you think God programmed us like robots to follow a script.
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