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Subject:  Re: He Lost 95% of His "Friends" Date:  10/19/2012  2:33 PM
Author:  NigelGlitter Number:  183741 of 199081

Humans being made in God's image, which would include a moral "instinct" if you will, explains it rather nicely.

Sure, as long as you can't follow the rules of simple logic, and resort to the Genuine Scott fallacy.

That's also why we don't always follow what we know to be right. We're in various stages of rebellion against the moral law.

Yep. There it is. Along took to the next sentence.

Under Nigel's view, there can't be anything like "moral evil" in the sense we use it. Evolution does not care about morality, it only cares about passing on the genes. Some have even argued that rape passes on DNA as good or better than other methods, which is why we have evolved it as a behavior. But evolution doesn't make it wrong, and under a naturalistic view, it doesn't always get justice.

You seem to forget we are a cognitive species. We provide reason to everything. We slap a big smiley face on the universe to better understand it. We look for patterns in everything. We also define as bad behaviors those things won't allow for an aggressive species to live in close quarters. Don't kill except. Don't rape. Treat everyone else the way you'd like to be treated. These definitions are ours.
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