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Subject:  Re: He Lost 95% of His "Friends" Date:  10/19/2012  8:51 PM
Author:  NigelGlitter Number:  183749 of 197543

BTW, it's known as the "No true Scottsman" fallacy.

Yeah....I read ox using it the other day and I thought I'd try it. Kind of like a kid wearing Dad's suit coat. I got the idea right, but the fit was off.

That's why I think Christian theism explains it better

Except for all the folks who don't fit the explanation, and that's were the fallacy comes in to play. Brain chemistry and physiology explains all behavior, both normal and abnormal.

And which god's moral code are we using? Does it include rejecting homosexual relationships? How about killing anyone who blasphemes the name or image of the Prophet Muhammad? I bring this up because brain chemistry and physiology can explain each of these. That's the problem with the Christian explanation. It only explains morality for those of you who follow it, then just sorta tosses everyone else out with the bath water. To me, that's not an explanation.

Along the lines of this entire discussion, my daughter is taking a psych class. Recent studies have shown that conservative and liberals have different brains physiologically(not a lot different, but different).

There's a study being put together to try and test for conservative/liberal traits at earlier s