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Subject:  Re: He Lost 95% of His "Friends" Date:  10/20/2012  12:19 AM
Author:  NigelGlitter Number:  183752 of 198980

And now the light finally went off in my head ... no, I'm not arguing that we all agree and adhere to specific moral commands. That would be stupider than I think you really think I am.

Call it the moral intuition itself, the fact that we are bothered by questions like "Is it morally good to do x"

No, I don't underestimate your intellect Bryan. Two people can look at opposite sides of a coin and be bewildered by what the other sees, but it doesn't make them stupid.

So, dogs, chimps, and other social animals have moral intuition? You sure have dressed simple behavior up in some fine clothing, but from where I'm sitting the emperor has no clothes.

And that's the point I'm making right now, sans scottsman. Christians say homosexuals are sinners. Muslims say anyone who draws a cartoon caricature of Muhammad is a sinner. Both positions claim it is god's will, yet neither can demonstrate nor prove the point. That's why various religions have resorted to crusades, swords, guns, and airplanes. When push comes to shove, might makes right is the only way to prove something that is real only within someone's mind. There is no replicable experiment to prove that there is only one god and his name is Allah.

Science can show how and why both separate paths came about, can offer experiments, brain scans, chemical levels, archeological and anthropological data, environmental and geologic data. If others follow the same trail and come up with the same answers, you get a Higgs Boson. If they don't, you get the cold fusion fiasco, or the ooops, that neutrino didn't really exceed the speed of light, my bad incident. Problem solving and resolution without need for bloodshed or fist-a-cuffs. Although egos may get badly bruised on occasion.

but it can't give any deeper meaning to morality than "what is good for survival".

But there you have it. That's why thou shalt not kill is a universal more/behavior because it's good for survival and stuff like having to worship a particular god is not universal because it offers no more benefit to survival than being part of any other group. The trivial stuff is localized. The long term survival stuff pops up everywhere. You must be a part of this group, local, it's good to part of a group, universal.
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