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Subject:  Re: He Lost 95% of His "Friends" Date:  10/20/2012  1:00 PM
Author:  NigelGlitter Number:  183754 of 198991

That's why I think Christian theism explains it better

Let's pull this one out.

An evolutionary approach assumes all morality is a function of human physiology. It can explain behaviors in every geographic locale, within every culture, and can account for abnormal and aberrant behavior.

How does Christian theism explain what happened in Cambodia? Under the evolutionary approach, Pol Pot moved away from the norm, the new moral system decreased the ability to survive, and Cambodia reverted back toward the norm.

How does the Christian theistic approach explain such things? Cambodia most certainly hasn't reverted back to a Christian moral approach, nor has it ever had one. It was originally Hindu, and for the past thousand years been primarily Buddhist. China has a rich and long moral system without Christianity, and Arab countries don't recognize Christian morality. In fact, most people in the world do not follow Christian morality and never have in their entire cultural history. BUT, they've all been human, past and present.

How can a Christian explanation of morality be a better explanation when is can't reasonably account for most of the world's population?

Sounds to me like your fluffing your feathers and insisting your god is bigger and better. That's another easily explainable phenomenon from an evolutionary standpoint.
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