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Subject:  Re: A123 battery bankrupt Date:  10/21/2012  6:44 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  18043 of 18547

"You can easily understand govt favoring construction projects to stimulate employment. Roads and bridges have always been govt funded, and various groups lobby for those projects."


The first roads were often PRIVATELY built. The first roads were 'turnpikes', constructed by private individuals and you had to pay a 'toll' to use them. At the end were 'pikes' ...when you paid your toll, the pike was 'turned' 90 degrees to let you pass. That's where the term turnpike came from.

There were lots of STATE built toll roads. The West Virginia Turnpike, the NY Turnpike, the PA turnpike, the OH Turnpike, The Indiana Tollroad, the IL tollroad, the OK Tollroad, the NJ Turnpike....and on and on.

As Obama said 'You didn't build that'. A lot of roads were built after that at taxpayer expense. Much of it STATE money.

It wasn't till after WW2 that the gov't step up, FOR MILITARY reasons. to built the interstate. After WW2 it was seen we had no way to move troops, tanks, and equipment cross country or anywhere.....and during the Cold became a priority.

A lot of the 'road construction' is merely pork. IT requires the HIHGEST PRICE wages due to the Davis BAcon act - 'highest prevailing wage', artificially high prices by 30-100%.

President Telegraph would instantly kill the DAvis Bacon Act so we would get twice as