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Subject:  Re: We get it Date:  10/21/2012  10:56 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  18045 of 18558

"The problem with the market is that it is so short-sighted, especially these days."

And so are business cycles. What was yesterdays' popular game is out of favor in 18 months. What was today's iPhone is obsolete in 18 months. What was your desktop is obsolete in 3 years.

with solar panels, the technology changed so fast that trying to pick 'a technology''d be behind the eight ball in 3 years. Say Solyndra.....the price of silicon dropped 90%in 3 years and their business model vaporized. 3 years.

It's not short sighted. These days it's reality. If you can't make it, sell it in 2 years and recoup your investment in 3, you probably will be obsolete. Obsolete! Obsolete!


" I do think government has a role in promoting new industries. Certainly almost every developed nation does so. I think that tax money spent to help emerging technology is a good idea."

New industries? Hardly. new technologies, yes.

The gov't almost killed the software indust