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Subject:  Next up, the Social Security decision Date:  10/23/2012  9:43 AM
Author:  alstroemeria Number:  45912 of 73796

(1) When to start collecting.

But also...
(2) Whether to reboot after a year, paying back the first year's benefit.

(3) Whether to complexify things by one of us collecting immediately and the other delaying (I note that we are very close in age, 5 months apart, and that my benefit is 70% of his).

If we both start collecting SS as soon as the paychecks stop, we won't hit our assets hard each month until we're making up for years of insufficient COLAs in SS and the pensions.

OR, we could delay SS a few months till DH reaches 64 & I reach 63 1/2, providing about another hundred bucks/month by my calcs, but requiring us to fund almost all income needs out of savings for the first few months of 2013.

OR, we could both delay SS longer, but I'm a bit uncomfotable with that on several levels...the possibility of Congress changing the SS benefit formula for anyone who hasn't staring collecting yet, not just those under 55...depleting savings more rapidly when we don't have LTCI (and doubt we could qualify for it now, with DH's micro-strokes--but that's the subject of another question!), or make ourselves too poor to