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Subject:  Re: The Crazy Bias of Networks.... Date:  10/23/2012  3:36 PM
Author:  decath Number:  650443 of 876383

Ref the media..Have you ever watched PBS? Have you noticed that they have commentators of opposing parties to seriously discuss any debate or important news?

I used to listen to NPR on a regular basis on my 45-60 minute hourly commute (one-way) each day.

I understood the liberal bias, but I appreciated the non exasperating tone and soft voices, particularly of "all things considered" compared to some of the 'rightwing' ranting of talk show hosts.

Then in a 2 week span, I heard them discuss in detail two separate issues. The "pro-life/pro-choice" argument and the "Arizona Sherif Joe technique of handling criminals and illegal aliens". Both issues I know a lot about so no liberal BS will fly with me on it.

Being a pro-lifer and with a wife that volunteers at "Crisis Pregnancy Centers" at times, I'm initimately familiar with the issue and the tough calls both sides have to make. The NPR people butchered the piece and basically insinuated that all 'anti-abortion' people were uneducated, backwards nuckle draggers. I was absolutely appalled.

Then they had an immigration special that was so totally biased I could not believe it. Living in TX, I'm also intimately familiar with illegal alien issues. It has affected me personally living in a small town where agriculture and ranching takes place. Hence, illegals abound. I run into these poeple and I understand their plight. But I also know the dreadful affect it has on the local community. NPR butchered it once again and portrayed people like Sheriff Joe as a 1880's style cowboy and only presented the extreme liberal side of the issue. I don't know where NPR is located but I envision them being New Yorkers that live in their gated, protected towers with no experience with 'real' life.

I listen to classical music now on my much shorter commute. <g>

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