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Subject:  Another Quicken Horror Story Date:  10/25/2012  3:14 AM
Author:  gdett2 Number:  10014 of 10959

My attempt last year to upgrade to 2012 was trying and I ended up not doing it because of data corruption. The validate process did not uncover any errors.

So today, I take my bride to Abilene for lunch, voting and shopping. Upon our return, I crank up the machine and open Quicken. McAfee starts barking about Trojans, removing some of the DLLs and other files. Afterwards, QW is dead meat.

So I ran a full scan, nothing else found. Ok, reinstall QW from the distribution file I keep on disk. Whiz, click Yes, Ok, Fine and the unpacking starts. A few minutes in and McAfee starts barking again!!!! QW still dead.

So I ran another full scan, nothing found. Ok, reinstall QW from CD. Spin, spin, click Yes, Ok, Fine and the unpacking starts. A few minutes in and McAfee starts barking again!!!!!!!!!! QW still dead.

Another scan including the CD. Nothing.

Ok, McAfee website and support chat. It wants to download the small chat application. It does that and BARK, BARK, here we go again with the trojans!

So I call McAfee support. They want $89.95 if they find a virus for cleaning the system, nothing if there is no virus. Ok. It took almost an hour to get the tech logged in because of all these trojans zapping the downloads. Finally started the machine in safe mode and he put his tool set on and searched everything. Clean, no viruses.

So he ended up using a McAfee removal tool to remove all their products, then download 151 MB of replacement code and install it. Run another full scan. Still clean.

Now 4 1/2 hours into the process, I used the disk copy of QW and install it. Ok. It pulls down the updates. Still Ok. I start it up and it is still Ok. I run a validate on the data file. It says it is Ok but corrected 2 2005 transactions which got me to thinking. Were these what was preventing the 2012 upgrade due to data corruption? Why were these found in the 10 or more validates I have run since the update attempt?

All I can say is McAfee did an update this morning before we went to lunch and when all was said and done, no viruses were actually found. I received an email from McAfee this afternoon that a submission from my PC for the SBWizard (US Saving Bonds) was found to not have a virus. This was sent in "by me" this morning after the update.

So ends another adventure and Quicken is vindicated. Maybe I will try the 2013 ...

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