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Subject:  Re: A scary fact Date:  10/26/2012  7:26 AM
Author:  culcha Number:  18033 of 19740

But how is it that these people did not see the possibility that one spouse my predecease from day one of their retirement planning?

They probably ignored that. It's unpleasant to think about.

Were they properly advised when they retired? Did they plan appropriately and then let expenses get out of control?

Were they properly advised? Did the husband receive notices, newsletters, etc. from the HR folks in his company? Probably. Did he read about social security in general? I suppose so. Did he choose the pension option that he thought would serve him best? Probably. Did he consult with his wife about this? Probably not. I don't know whether all this counts as being properly advised. (She seems not to have been properly advised though.)

Or did they fail to anticipate changes in investment performance?
They probably failed to anticipate much of anything where retirement is concerned.

Are people being well served by the advice they receive?
Probably not.