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Subject:  Bee Update Date:  10/27/2012  4:05 PM
Author:  oncqueen Number:  30351 of 31540

Well, both hives made it through the summer, despite our severe drought, which had established bushes and trees dying, and me showering with a bucket, which I then trotted out to try to keep the tomatoes alive (we are on a well and didn't dare to water, fill the pool, etc).

Queen Priscilla's hive went gangbusters, and filled up 2 deep hive bodies and one honey super, but either Queen Venus is a bit of a lemon (or perhaps Priscilla is an amazon) and her troup has only partially filled the 2nd deep body. The frames (the vertical, lift-out sections upon which the bees build their comb, sort of like hanging file folders) weigh 3 or 4 pounds apiece, depending on whether they contain babies and pollen or just pure honey (there are 10 to a super or body).

I decided that given the drought and the first-year status of the hives, I would not try to take any honey this fall; I want to be sure that they make it through the winter. We have gotten tiny sections of honeycombs with the hive inspections now and then, and it is fascinating to see the the honey looks and tastes different as the lilacs, mint, Kalopanax tree, etc. come into bloom. I can see why there is a market for artisinal h