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Subject:  Re: HSA plan? Date:  10/30/2012  5:29 AM
Author:  foo1bar Number:  116869 of 127549

Since the individual policy for me would be an HMO, primary and secondary is not an issue.
Is that based on actual discussion with Kaiser and the HDHP provider?
Or based on what you *think* should be the case?
Like many bureaucracies, what you think makes sense and what the rules are can be quite different.

I think what you're looking at is through your company getting a family-plan HDHP for yourself and DH, and Kaiser for just yourself.
My *guess* is that DH will just have single coverage, but you will have primary and secondary insurance. It'll probably be advantageous to you to file your expenses against the HDHP as well as your HMO coverage. It won't help you directly with your own healthcare costs, BUT it'll probably get you through that deductible faster, which will lower your DH's overall costs.

BTW: I strongly suggest doing good bookkeeping - ex. spreadsheet with what you've spent. Double-coverage can sometimes be a PITA for getting the Doc/hospital/clinic/lab/whatever to process it right (my DW had HDHP through me, and her own coverage from work)

BTW: if *YOU* are covered by an HMO plan, *YOU* will not be eligible to contribute to an HSA account. however, your DH who is only covered by the HDHP probably will be able to open and contribute to an HSA.
(So don't open the HSA account portion through your work and contribute to it from your paycheck if you're getting coverage from somewhere else)

Good luck.
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