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Subject:  Re: Bankrupt or try to 'gut it out'? Date:  10/30/2012  6:59 PM
Author:  ishtarastarte Number:  306147 of 312159

Yeah, and I saw my shrink last week. She said, "you look fine, you sound fine." I told her a little of the family drama. Not a new story to her. She told me, "you take care of yourself and you take care of those girls."

"And, I'll see ya again in six months. If you need to see me sooner, you know my number."

So, yes - I know how to manage my swings. And, I am BP 2, so my swings are not that drastic any way. Do I sometimes mess up when managing my mood swings. Of course. I am a fallible human. Even 'normal' people have bad mood days . . .

And if I were such a BIG MESS, wouldn't she want to see me weekly or at least ONE a month? She pushed it out as far as she could. Some of the meds I take, you can only get a six month supply of . . . before you must see your shrink again.

I can snow my psychiatrist when I go for med refills every 6 months, too. He thinks I'm doing great.

But I didn't used to be able to snow my psychologist, and she was the one I worked with most to work on the insight issues.

I'm also bipolar 2. My depressions are long and debilitating and as I get older the hypomanias are less and less. Takes all the fun out of it.

But, frankly, with the amount of detail that you're writing about private matters to strangers combined with your defensiveness and inflated self-esteem as well as a need to fix everything RIGHT NOW, I'd be concerned that you're in a hypomanic state right now.

But I'm not your doc, just a fellow sufferer.

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