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Subject:  Re: One-cylinder, 12 HP car Date:  10/30/2012  7:35 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  46027 of 116329

Art:"When I go out I'm always astonished at the huge numbers of cars out on the road driving around. It's mind boggling to me. How in the world can we keep them all supplied with fuel and for how long? It can't last forever and let's face it, sunlight is wonderful but I don't think it can realistically replace oil? It's not dense enough with energy.

What a strange world we live in. "


If they were all running around on electric power, would you be as concerned?

Mankind first used fire to keep warm.

THen he discovered coal.....and that created steam.....that produced transportation.....railrods......

then he found oil and produced kerosene for many decades...

then Benz invented the car.....and it ran on bio diesel.....

then they made diesel...and gasoline...and jet fuel.....

We'll adapt after we've burned through most of the oil in the ground, the oil in the soil, the oil in the rock....another 50 years....or 100 years.....

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