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Subject:  Re: One-cylinder, 12 HP car Date:  10/31/2012  1:00 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  46034 of 116905

Art" "I was just thinking that if we could convince enough people to switch over to smaller more fuel efficient vehicles we might could extend out the party a little while longer? "

Ever hear of Jevon's Paradox?

Way back when , in the days of coal..... Jevon proposed that as the cost of using energy declined.....the amount of energy used actually increased.

As folks had more 'productivity' using more fuel.....they used it..more efficiently.

Thus....if cars are double the current efficiency......Jevon's paradox predicts that since more work can get done by more folks using more cars......that even more energy will be used.....

Remember those 1.3 billion folks in China just waiting to buy a car and drive.

If you and the rest of us use half as much oil...the price of oil will drop....which will mean that all those folks in China will be able to afford cars and afford to drive them lots of miles, doing business. And in the end...more oil will be burned by more folks driving and producing goods and increasing the economy.

The more efficiently you use energy - the more you wind up using. If folks heating and cooling bills drop in half, they can now afford to heat and cool twice as much house.... and on and on...they can afford to buy a bigger car......that gets the same mileage as the old one...rather than buying a mini-car that gets 50% more mileage.....

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