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Subject:  Re: One-cylinder, 12 HP car Date:  10/31/2012  8:21 PM
Author:  lindytoes Number:  46036 of 116931

"The more efficiently you use energy - the more you wind up using. If folks heating and cooling bills drop in half, they can now afford to heat and cool twice as much house.... and on and on...they can afford to buy a bigger car......that gets the same mileage as the old one...rather than buying a mini-car that gets 50% more mileage." - tele
Yeah, that's probably true. Most folks aren't as cheap and frugal as I am. I wish I drove an even more fuel efficient car than I do. 31/37 mpg (city/highway) is okay but one day I might get a wild hair and go out and buy a Prius or something that does even better?

I think it was once true that people would upgrade the size of their house or their car. I think those days are basically over. Sure, there are some people who are well off enough to upgrade no matter what, but the collapse of the housing market has affected at least a generation to rethink what they are doing re buying a house. Same thing goes to cars. The younger generation sees the hand writing on the wall. They believe in climate change. They don't believe the future is all rosy re retirement. I believe the vast majority of people are going to be much more cautious.
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