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Subject:  Re: Poll: Obamacare Effect Date:  11/1/2012  7:31 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  46055 of 117708

"Methinks Obama has a good chance of election."

And methinks the opposite.....and 3 months ago, you would have said Obama has it 'locked up', right? He's going to lose, big time.


"1)Baby boomers make up significant portion of electorate."

So? the 'early ones' are approaching Medicare age, have reached medicare age like me. The late ones will see no change in Medicare no matter who is elected. No one over 55 will be affected

And , in reality, the baby boomers are a small percent...remember, the elderly -- over 65....are a big big you have all the 18-50 year olds.....

20% of the baby boomers will be retired by Jan 1 2013.....another 40% will retire in a few years...... the last in 5-10 years and will so no change to Medicare..other than the 780 billion Obama plans to 'strip out' of it.

So this reason won't turn out many for Obama...


"2)Many of them have lost their jobs & have health issues."

That's still a small portion of the boomers...and they can collect SS at age 52.5..or go on SS Disability...which then gets them Medicare 2 years later! Record numbers are going on SS Disability. Probably mostly boomers - with 'health issues' whether real or not.

So this reason won't turn out many for obama

"3)a tiny portion of boomers have adequate funds to retire but have health issues."

So? they work a bit longer, or retire early and go on COBRA...or SS Disability for a few years. or get an insurance policy through their wife.....or husband....or get their own policy for a few years.


"4)There are significant numbers of working poor [part of 47%] that do not have employer provided health care & will now receive "free" medicaid health care"

Ha.....the poor will get socked with massive penalties for not having 'approved health care' insurance......and they'll be paying for ObamaCare..or not be eligible for it. If you are on welfare you don't get have to get on the waiting list for Medicare...if your state will let you in....

and those poor are llkely to be 100% for Obama anyway so that doesn't get you any new voters.


Your excuses fail..just like Obama.....

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