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Subject:  Re: Poll: Obamacare Effect Date:  11/1/2012  11:22 PM
Author:  tjscott0 Number:  46057 of 116396

So? the 'early ones' are approaching Medicare age, have reached medicare age like me. The late ones will see no change in Medicare no matter who is elected. No one over 55 will be affected

Wrong. You're not safe once on medicare.

Last year Americans paid $274 billion in Medicare taxes and premiums. At the same time, the program paid out $564 billion in benefits. That amounts to a shortfall of roughly $290 billion. Looking into the future, even the most optimistic estimate by the program’s trustees puts Medicare’s future unfunded liabilities at more than $38.6 trillion. More realistic projections suggest the shortfall could easily top $90 trillion.*

There gonna be alot of change in the future for those on medicare. Can we say rationing plus increased premiums plus doctor's reluctance to accept medicare patients.

So while you may be correct that bomers feel they will be safe once they reach medicare. They won't regardless of which prolific spending party is in power.

That's still a small portion of the boomers.

Wrong again.

If you pursue that link 1/4 to 1/2 of those age 50 to 64 aren't even in the work force depending on the age bracket or about 1/3 [30 million] overall. I question that they all are on disability or FIREd. That leave about 65 million still in the workforce of which 4 to 4.5 million are unemployed.

I don't think its an insignificant #.

As we know a large number of those over 50 are in poor physical condition & have medical issues. AS they are at risk of economic disaster in event of medical event; methinks Obamacare looks purty darn to them. And very well motivate then to vote for Obama.

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