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Subject:  Re: Poll: Obamacare Effect Date:  11/2/2012  12:48 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  46058 of 116389

"Last year Americans paid $274 billion in Medicare taxes and premiums. At the same time, the program paid out $564 billion in benefits. That amounts to a shortfall of roughly $290 billion. Looking into the future, even the most optimistic estimate by the program’s trustees puts Medicare’s future unfunded liabilities at more than $38.6 trillion. More realistic projections suggest the shortfall could easily top $90 trillion.*"

Hey, Obama promised me, along with Stretch Pelosi and Hairy REid, that folks on Medicare 'would be taken care of' if we re elected Obama.

Surely you don't think he is 'lying' do you?

WHich means the seniors won't have to worry. Obama will just raise 'taxes on the rich'...those 15%ers......and gouge the banksters, the oil companies, and all those nasty 'profit making' companies.

He'll put in carbon taxes. Raise taxes on gasoline till it is 9 bucks a gallon......just think , 40 billion or 80 billion a year in carbon taxes.

Then, likely he will try to get a 15% 'national sales tax' or VAT......which, of course, the rich will pay most of..since there will be 'rebates' for those making 'middle class incomes' with families.

You know he is going to take care of us seniors, right? He has a direct connection with the money fairy!.....He'll just tell the fed to keep printing all the money we need.

He already projected 20 trillion total in debt by just 2016. Heck, if Joe Biden follows in his footsteps, he'll run it up to 32 trillion. It's only paper money, right? Just print more of it!

But Obama will provide. Healthcare for nearly everyone!....and low cost too!.....

He promised it.

He also promised to reduce the deficit by half by now....promised to close Gitmo, and promised 100 other things, none of which he kept, but we just know he won't let seniors down with less care than they have now!

heh heh

Don't you remember saying 'Medicare as you know it forever!'....???

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