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Subject:  Re: Poll: Obamacare Effect Date:  11/2/2012  12:58 PM
Author:  alstroemeria Number:  46059 of 116447

Last year Americans paid $274 billion in Medicare taxes and premiums. At the same time, the program paid out $564 billion in benefits.

The Medicare tax has been far too low for far too many years. I would've been happy to pay more. Remember that Medicare took the place of NO HEALTH INSURANCE FOR SENIORS: corporate insurers have proven they don't want that business, at least at any price the 95% can afford. I note that the Medicare premiums paid by seniors have been rising, so that partial solution is already in place.

But my answer is catastrophic insurance for all (not just seniors, and with 100% coverage, none of this 80% chit like my corporate insurance)--by that I mean anything beyond the first, say, $2400/year per person, is covered in full. And more use of nurse practitioners/physician assistants/alternative medicine practitioners for first-line health care (I'm fine with that for myself).

I didn't vote for Obama because of Obamacare-not at all. I voted for him (yes, past tense--I just came home from voting early) for the Supreme Court, for protecting Social Security and Medicare, for not starting stupid wars that only benefit the military-industrial complex, for favoring the middle class rather than the oligarchs, for protecting federal lands and public schools--and the right to vote, marry, make decisions about our own bodies, and for equal pay, tax benefits for very small business (rather than big corporations or law firms/hedge funds/etc. with hundreds of employees), and the right to live with a secular government as our beloved founders in their great wisdom intended.
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