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Subject:  Re: Get your mini iPad on Date:  11/2/2012  3:15 PM
Author:  wecoguy Number:  868540 of 902793

My meeting days are long gone, retired a decade ago now... At that point I tossed every bit/byte of Windows/PC world either back into the corporateIT bin, or the rest into our blue recycle bin or commercial shredders as there was too much proprietary material there to just push out the door.. So a year later, DW also retired, we hung onto her machine, it's actually still under a utility table in my office, just in case any file or such couldn't be opened on her sparkly 27" iMac... I keep a couple older G4 Macs around for the same reason, in case I recall some file that needs to be brought forward that wasn't initially... Reality is, I haven't fired up DW's Vaio in at least 8 year, nor my old Mac in 4 or 5... I did fire it up to check for OS updates, but then it's back to OFF...

So an iPad/Mini/Maxi is really only for storage or travel email access, nothing I need to do graphically that won't wait until we return home... Our iPhones were all we realy used on a recent Russian trip, but I drug the G4 iBook along, all 10 pounds of it, but never needed it other than backup.. IF I'd had an iPad, it would have been useful, several passengers did have, use their's along the way.. Good to see it... (As a shareholder) I helped a couple passengers resolve connection via wifi issues, but most folks had it already figured out... So there's one or two in our future.. Maybe Xmas will be the excuse to splurge...

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