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Subject:  Re: Poll: Obamacare Effect Date:  11/2/2012  3:54 PM
Author:  Goofyhoofy Number:  46062 of 116377

The government has gladly accepted volunteer donations each year. But you, WArren Buffet, and Bill Gates....despite their whining about paying more taxes...NEVER PAID A DIME EXTRA in VOLUNTARY contributions to the fed.

Of course. Because YOU want to be a free-rider while other people "voluntarily" pay for your own shortfall.

It doesn't work like that. Roads don't happen because people "voluntarily" pay more for them, and if you reduce the military to begging for dollars then I assure you there will be a far smaller military.

No, you want to decide how to spend tax monies, except on things you don't like, so you put up this ridiculous shibboleth about how OTHER people should "voluntarily" send in money, while you sit in your kitchen playing with yourself.

So, you would only pay more if a gun was held to your head? Got it?

Nobody is holding a gun to your head. Taxes are voluntary; they are just the price of admission to whichever club you decide to join. If you don't like the admission fee here, go someplace else where it is lower. I hear Somalia is lovely this time of year.
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