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Subject:  Re: Poll: Obamacare Effect Date:  11/2/2012  8:02 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  46065 of 116387

"Of course. Because YOU want to be a free-rider while other people "voluntarily" pay for your own shortfall."

No.....I just want those libs who keep whining that they don't pay enough in in taxes to send in more, and stop their whining . that includes 'alstro'.

Taxes aren't voluntary unless you send in MORE than you owe.


I"Roads don't happen because people "voluntarily" pay more for them, "

Actually, since 47% of folks don't pay taxes, but use roads, your theory is actually toast. Unless , of course, the 47% don't use roads, or have anything brought to them by road. Heh heh

Roads happen.

"No, you want to decide how to spend tax monies, except on things you don't like, so you put up this ridiculous shibboleth about how OTHER people should "voluntarily" send in money, while you sit in your kitchen playing with yourself."

Oh, nasty nasty but typical Goofy's Revised Incorrect History of Everything'....

I want the gov't to collect as much as it spends, and to spend what it collects wisely....and not give most of it away to welfare weenies and queenies.


"Nobody is holding a gun to your head."

You are right when it comes to 'voluntary' contributions that Buffet, gates and Alstro won't make.

As to paying your income taxes, try not paying them while making enough to owe income taxes.

We got folks sitting in the fed pen right now who tried that. Al Capone went off to the Big House for doing that.


"Taxes are voluntary; they are just the price of admission to whichever club you decide to join."

Ha....with 47 not paying income taxes, it's the other 53% that get socked for building those roads, subsidized housing, foodstamps for 47 million and growing 75 times faster than the creation of new jobs.....

whatever club? heck, smart real estate tycoons pay zero taxes. Many other smart business men find ways to harvest tax losses, like Obama's buddies in the Solyndra case now planning on harvesting 170 million in 'tax losses' and using them to avoid taxes on that much other income.

It's just middle class folks who get clobbered with the tax burden....


" If you don't like the admission fee here, go someplace else where it is lower. I hear Somalia is lovely this time of year. "

OH...the nasty goofy thing. Actually, I'd like to own a nice house on the Isle of Sark.....but they start at 5 million.

I choose to live in economy strangling state income taxes and reasonable business taxes and a friendly pro-business oriented state gov't and regulators.

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