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Subject:  Re: Who are the 1%? Date:  11/3/2012  4:20 AM
Author:  erikinthered100 Number:  17110 of 17155

In my mind, the status quo is monied interests working dilligently to return this country to the stone ages, hence any effort to stymie that effort is change (and for the good).

I'm not aware of any monied interests trying to "return this country to the stone ages."

Second, what about the Affordable Care Act (nee Obamacare - which I for one see as a definite step int he right direction and for the BENEFIT of the 52 million UNINSURED in this country)

Don't you mean the Unaffordable Care Act? Those who voted for this 2,0000 plus page bill didn't even read it or understand it. Recent guesstimates put the tab for the bill at over a trillion for ten years. This is only partially paid for despite robbing over $700 billion from Medicare. So it adds to our already unsustainable government spending and trillion dollar deficits while taking money from an already unsustainable government health care program.

The bill didn't include any proven cost-saving reforms (tort refo