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Subject:  Re: Poll: Obamacare Effect Date:  11/3/2012  12:52 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  46071 of 116910

"That is an almost nonsensical way to look at it. A portion of Medicare is paid for by payroll taxes. But a portion (mostly Part D) is paid from the general fund by statute. There is a "shortfall" in the same sense that the military has shortfall of $700 billion. "

A shortfall is a shortfall.

You have to borrow money from the Chinese and pay them interest.

Interest is now a big item on the annual budget and will get bigger and bigger. If interest rates spike up - and they will - then just the interest on the current debt will grow to eat up most discretionary spending.

The fact that Medicare is bleeding red massive amounts, means it needs fixing.

It should be 'solvent' taking in as much as it pays out as there is no magic money fairy 'lock box'.......or 'reserve fund' as all that money was spent even before it got to DC.

You really think the Chinese are going to loan us 90 trillion? THere isn't that much money in the world.

At some point, and that point is not far off, it all collapses. Then no one gets anything. Period. Bankrupt.

Like Greece where state pensions cut 90%.....25% unemployment......and if you don't have cash, you don't get medical treatment.

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