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Subject:  Re: Halloween Money Saving Tip Date:  11/3/2012  6:02 PM
Author:  Windowseat Number:  868549 of 902162

Pretty reflective of how societal norms have changed. An egg, smashed and dried on the side of somebody's house, is not going to wipe out the city with an epidemic. And TPing, properly performed, doesn't do any damage to anything.

In fact it is the general harmlessness of such pranks that made them acceptable "tricks" in the minds of the older generations. I mean the kids weren't smashing out windows or burning things, etc. At least the good kids weren't.

I wonder if the change in attitude has anything to do with changes in neighborhoods. Back in my day kids ran around together and played outside. They were in and out of each others homes and were acquainted with the various parents. So they often had a very good idea who would ignore the egging, who would catch them and hand them a bucket in order to clean up the mess, who would call their parents and who might call the police.

These days kids are often more likely to be playing indoors with computer games, and often they would be in their individual homes rather than hanging out at someone's home. Therefore they don't know the parents (in terms of likely reaction) and the parents don't know the kids (in terms of who was likely to play a prank).

I think the problem lies more with the larger change of not knowing how people are likely to react, rather than politics.

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