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Subject:  Re: Moringa Oleifera Date:  11/4/2012  6:32 PM
Author:  VeeEnn Number:  38015 of 45726

Just to clarify -- "homeopathic" and "hCG" don't belong in the same phrase. Nothing even remotely homeopathic about the hCG supplementation that goes along with the 500 cal diet. It's not homeopathic in dose or preparation. And it's not homeopathic in terms of prescription principles

Indeed.....but per a previous discussion on this particular topic at sometime in the past, someone (and it wasn't moi) apparently held a different opinion....

......There was a big discussion of HCG + 500 cal for effective weight loss on the botanical/integrative medicine list I belong to -- when this all first came into the spotlight again. Would you believe there's also a homeopathic version??? Some of the physicians in this list group have had patients use this version with great success, losing and then keeping it off and feeling terrific in the process.....

....But I do know that several highly reliable physicians on my list-serv spoke of several patients each who had failed multiple earlier attempts at weight loss, that they were finally successful with the HCG (full-strength or homeopathic preparation), ......

FWIW, a dietary intake of 500 Cals/day will always produce a weight loss (with or without water) The only folk who don't lose weight on this caloric intake are the folk who aren't being observed and monitored closely......and those who believe the story weren't there to do any observing.
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