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Subject:  Re: George W. Bush Killed Retirement Date:  11/6/2012  9:08 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  46109 of 117531

"Employee pensions have all but been eliminated replaced by the failed 401, 403, 457, IRA morass for full-time workers and nothing for part-timers. Now Romney & Ryan want to destroy the Social Security leg too. "

I don't know about you....but since Obama's been touting 'the recovery of the stock market'....if you have been investing all along, your 401K/IRA should look mighty fine. You've been buying through low stock prices and now that they have gone up 25% or more.....and you've been collecting dividends for all those should be in great shape.

My little 401K , converted to an IRA in 1999 when I left my company, is doing very nicely, thank you. If I had been contributing for the last 12 would be likely over 7 figures by now. About my normal retirement age. Golly gee...and I only started putting money in it in 1990 when the gov't changed the pension rules!

The only thing 'failed' about IRAs/401Ks is folks failing to put the max into it each month.

SOmething called personal responsibility. Just look tot he long lines at Starbucks and all the whiners telling us 'they can't save'. Duh!

When i worked......downtown...I ate breakfast at McD.....back then it was like $2.....and regular folks drop $5 or $6 at Starbucks for coffee...when I worked at a place not downtown (like 90% of my career) I ate at home 99% of the time, made my own 20c cup of coffee....and had my second cup at work....for free.

The only thing failed is this generations WILLINGNESS to save, and not go on big borrowing spending binges, and 'have it all' in the first ten years.

That, and the 'progressives' whining that these kids should have to right to pick their neighbors pockets, the neighbors who did save and put away money for retirement.....since the whiners didn't save themselves.

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