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Subject:  Re: Head banging time Date:  11/6/2012  2:33 PM
Author:  LaraAmber Number:  306377 of 312187

I work with doctors and there is an unfortunate side effect of being "A Doctor". Basically it boils down to they spend their entire lives being told how brilliant they are, they were in the top percentage in school, in college, and got into med school. There is a certain magical mystique to being a"Doctor". Parents swell with pride, etc. Unfortunately since they spent all this time being told how smart they are from basically birth, they tend to develop the mistaken impression that they will be good at everything they try and it will all come easily to them.

It takes some gentle reminding that they get peeved when a patient comes in thinking he/she knows more about treating an illness because of reading a few articles on the web, so why do they think they know more about HR/taxes/auto maintenance then someone who has studied it for years? Occasionally I have to be harder on them and remind them they are doctors because they are smart at math/science, not because they are smarter then everyone else. There are plenty of brilliant people who don't go into medicine.

Doctors are some of the worse when it comes to asking for help and admitting ignorance.

Lara Amber
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